Jalapeno Companion Plants – What Can I Plant With Jalapeno Peppers

jalapeno companions
jalapeno companions
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Companion planting is an easy and all organic way to give your plants a real boost. Sometimes it has to do with getting rid of pests-- some plants deter bugs that tend to prey on their neighbors, while some attract predators that eat those bugs. Some plants improve the flavor of other plants if they’re planted next to each other. Keep reading to learn more about companion planting with jalapeno peppers.

What Can I Plant with Jalapeno Peppers?

Some good jalapeno companion plants are those that improve the flavor of the peppers. Basil, in particular, improves the flavor of all pepper varieties, jalapenos included, if it is planted nearby. 

Jalapeno companion plants that improve the overall health of the peppers include chamomile and marigolds, which release a chemical into the ground that drives away harmful nematodes and eelworms that prey upon pepper plants, among others. There are plenty of other good jalapeno companion plants. Some beneficial herbs include:

Some good vegetables to plant near jalapeno peppers include:

Another good flower companion is nasturtium.

Non-Friendly Jalapeno Companion Plants

While there are plenty of good companions for jalapenos, there are also a few plants that should not be placed near jalapeno peppers. This can be because certain plants detract in the flavor of the peppers, and also because both plants are big feeders of minerals in the ground and planting them near each other creates unnecessary competition. 

Beans, in particular, are not good jalapeno pepper companions and should not be planted near them. Peas should also be avoided. Anything in the brassica family are not good companions for jalapenos. These include:

Some other plants that should be avoided when picking jalapeno companion plants are fennel and apricots.

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