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gardening-companionWhether you’re an experienced gardening enthusiast or a newbie to this addicting hobby, you’ll likely want to stay on top of things year round. Technology today has made this easy – and now an app will make it even easier when it comes to the garden!

With the GKH Gardening Companion garden app for iPhone, you can have everything you need whenever you need it. Don’t have an iPhone? That’s okay. Our garden growing app for iPad and Android will be released a few months after the iPhone version.

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If you’ve been looking for an app for gardening enthusiasts of all kinds, then you’ve come to the right place. This iPhone garden assistant has it all – and it’s FREE!

So what is it that makes this garden growing app special? That’s simple. Here are just some of the features available:

  • A wealth of gardening information at your fingertips – The GKH Gardening Companion iPhone planting app provides easy access to a wide variety of gardening info, anywhere at any time. You’ll have the wealth of GKH’s information at your fingertips, with access to 1000s of articles on gardening. Article content includes text, photos and YouTube videos – on anything from companion planting to troubleshooting. Tag your favorites.
  • Create your own personalized garden magazine – By using the GKH Gardening Companion, you’ll also have the ability to create a customized “garden magazine” based on your personal tastes and preferences. In short, it’s a garden guide app suited just for you. For instance, put articles together in a way that keeps you informed on the topics you’re interested in, any time of year.
  • Track your garden’s progress – The GKH Gardening Companion is a garden journal app too, giving you the ability to keep your own gardening journal where you can track and share progress and pictures of your garden as it grows. And it works with the camera on your phone too. You will even get automatic updates and records weather in your location. You will be able to compare how your garden did last year compared to this year.
  • Set reminders to help you care for your garden – An app that helps with garden care? You betcha! This fun garden planner app for iPhones includes a system for setting up reminders for all your plants’ and garden’s care by having your phone remind you when you need to do important garden tasks like planting, watering, fertilizing, etc.
  • Share your garden with friends online – Did we mention social media GKH Gardening Companion can share with your friends on social media? This garden app allows you to save and share your gardening content via email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

There you have it in a nutshell, your very own pocket gardening manager! No matter where you are, day or night; no matter what time of year, spring or winter; this gardening app for iPhone is a must have. It is truly a companion there to help you create and grow your garden. The GKH Gardening Companion is coming soon, so start planning now for the garden you’ve always wanted but never thought you could. Garden tracking on iPhones has never been easier!

Download the app here

Are you and Android user looking for a great gardening app? No problem! The Gardening Companion will be coming out in a few months for Android devices.
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