Zone 6 Fruit Trees – Planting Fruit Trees In Zone 6 Gardens

zone 6 fruit tree
zone 6 fruit tree
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A fruit tree can be an indispensable addition to the garden. Producing beautiful, sometimes fragrant, flowers and tasty fruit year after year, a fruit tree might wind up being the best planting decision you ever make. Finding the right tree for your climate can be a little tricky, however. Keep reading to learn more about what fruit trees grow in zone 6.

Fruit Trees for Zone 6 Gardens

Here are some good fruit trees for zone 6 landscapes:

Apples – Perhaps the most popular garden fruit tree, apples come in a wide range of varieties that perform well in different climates. Some of the best matches for zone 6 are:

Pears – The best European pears for zone 6 are:

Asian Pears – Not the same as European pears, Asian pear fruit trees have a few varieties that do well in zone 6. Some of the best are:

PlumsPlums are a great choice for zone 6 gardens. Good European varieties for zone 6 include Damson and Stanley. Good Japanese varieties are Santa Rosa and Premier.

Cherries – Most varieties of cherry trees will perform well in zone 6. Sweet cherries, which are best for eating fresh from the tree, include:

You can also reliably grow many sour cherries for pie making, such as Montgomery, North Star, and Danube.

Peaches – Some peach trees perform well in zone 6, especially:

Apricots – Chinese Sweet Pit, Moongold, and Sungold apricot trees are all varieties that handle zone 6 conditions well.

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