Information About Yucca

Yucca plants are a popular choice in a xeriscape landscape but can also be grown in the home. Wherever you grow yucca plants, it’s never a bad idea to stay up to date on all the yucca plant care information you can. So keep reading for helpful tips and advice on all aspects of yucca care and learn how to grow yuccas with ease.

Caring For Yucca: Tips For Landscaping With Yuccas Outdoors

The yuccas plant's sword-like leaves add a distinctive look to any area. It is a perennial, evergreen shrub that comes in several species. Find out how to grow and care for yucca plants outdoors in this article.

Yucca Transplanting: How To Transplant A Yucca In The Garden

Sometimes, a plant simply outgrows its location and needs to be moved. In the case of yucca, the timing is as important as the method. Find tips on when and how to transplant a yucca in the following article. Click here for more information.

Why Is My Yucca Plant Drooping: Troubleshooting Drooping Yucca Plants

Yucca is a tough plant that thrives in difficult conditions, but it can develop a number of problems that may cause drooping yucca plants. If your yucca plant droops, the problem may be pests, disease, or environmental conditions. Learn more here.

Yucca Leaf Curl: Tips On Caring For Curling Yucca Plants

The easy care nature of yuccas has made them a popular houseplant or garden specimen. Although they rarely give problems, the few they do suffer can cause unsightly problems like curled or rolled up leaves. Find out how to manage this problem in this article.

Yucca Plant Problems: Why A Yucca Plant Has Brown Tips Or Foliage

Yucca plants are typically easy-care landscaping plants, but they can have occasional problems. One of the most common symptoms of a sick yucca is browning leaves. Find out what to do for a yucca turning brown in this article.

Yucca Plant Bugs: Learn How To Treat Insects That Affect Yuccas

Yucca seldom have problems or diseases you’ll have to deal with, but if you happen to notice a bug or two crawling around on your plants, it’s best to know if it’s a friend or foe. Read this article for pests that commonly bother yuccas in the landscape.

Yellow Yucca Leaves – Why Is My Yucca Plant Yellow

Whether you grow it indoors or out, one plant that thrives in the face of neglect is the yucca plant. Yellowing leaves might indicate that you are trying too hard. This article tells you how to save a yellowing yucca. Click here to learn more.

Yucca Soil: Learn About Soil Mix For Yucca Plants

Yucca is a tough plant that tolerates extreme conditions and rarely requires water, fertilizer or pruning. In general, too much care is worse than no care at all. However, the critical factor that can’t be ignored is soil. This article explains more.

Yucca Seed Pod Propagation: Tips For Planting Yucca Seeds

Yuccas are arid region plants that are extremely adaptable to the home landscape. They are popular for their striking sword-like foliage. The plants infrequently bloom, but when they do, they develop oval seed pods. Learn how to propagate them here.

Yucca Leaning Over: Why Yucca Is Falling Over And How To Fix

When you have a leaning yucca plant, it may appear as though the plant is leaning because it is top heavy, but healthy yucca stems stand up under a heavy growth of leaves without bending. Read this article to find out what causes a yucca to lean over.

Yucca Uses – Can You Grow Yucca Plant As Food

The difference between Yuca and Yucca is broader than a simple C lacking in the spelling. Yuca, or cassava, is an important global food, while its counterpart, yucca, is an ornamental plant. So, is yucca edible as well? Click here to learn more.

Yucca Repotting Tips: How To Repot a Yucca Plant

When planted in containers, yucca provides a striking accent to a patio and adds beauty indoors. While yuccas thrive with little attention, repotting yucca is occasionally necessary to keep the plants looking their best. Learn more here.

Yucca Plant Blooms: How To Care For Yucca After Blooming

Should you remove spent yucca flowers? In reality, the plant will produce no more flowers that year, so it really doesn’t matter. If you have questions on how to care for yucca after blooming, read this article for a few answers.

Yucca Plant Varieties: Common Types Of Yucca Plants

Large, spiky leaves and large clusters of white flowers make yucca plants ideal for many landscape settings. Find out about the varieties of yucca plants and both their landscape and household uses in this article.

Spots On Yucca Leaves: Care For Yucca Plant With Black Spots

Like any foliage plant, yucca can be damaged by fungus, bacterial and viral diseases and pest infestations. Black spots on yucca may be caused by any of these problems. Treatment solutions for spotty yucca plants can be found here.

Joshua Tree Information – Joshua Tree Growing Tips And Care

The Joshua tree bestows the architectural majesty and character of the American Southwest. The plant is a yucca and an adaptable plant. Read here for info on how to grow a Joshua tree.

Yucca Houseplant Care: Tips For Growing Yucca In Containers

Growing a yucca plant indoors adds a focal point to a room or works as part of an attractive, indoor display. Learn how to care for a yucca houseplant in the article that follows.

Yucca Flowers: Reasons Why A Yucca Plant Doesn’t Bloom

Yuccas make a lovely low maintenance screen or garden accent, especially the yucca plant flower. When your yucca plant doesn’t bloom, this can be frustrating for the home gardener. Read here to learn more.

Yucca Plants In Cold Weather – Helping Yuccas With Frost Damage and Hard Freeze Damage

Some varieties of yucca can easily withstand a hard freeze, but other tropical varieties can suffer severe damage with only a light frost. Read here for information on how to treat damage to yucca in winter.

Getting Rid Of Yucca Plants – How To Remove A Yucca Plant

Many people find yucca plants to be welcome additions to the landscape. Others, however, consider them to be problems. Yucca plants can quickly become a nuisance. This article will help with removing yucca plants.

Propagation Of Yucca Plant

Yucca plants are a popular choice in a xeriscape landscape. They are also popular houseplants. Learning how to do the propagation of a yucca plant is an excellent way to increase their numbers. Read more here.

Yucca Plants – Care And Pruning: Tips For Pruning A Yucca

One problem in caring for yucca plants is that indoor plants can grow too tall. They need to be trimmed back. Pruning a yucca is an excellent way to keep your yucca manageable. Click here for more info.

Separating And Repotting Yucca Offshoot Pups

While yucca owners may have different varieties of yucca, one thing will be consistent and that is how to best propagate the yucca. This article provides information on how to separate and repot yucca pups.