Christmas Thriller Filler Spiller: How To Plant A Holiday Container

Christmas Thriller Filler Spiller Plant Container
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The holiday season marks a time for decorating both indoors and out. Holiday thriller-filler-spiller displays are an exceptionally popular option for arrangements in urns and various other types of vessels. The size, shape, and components of these arrangements vary greatly depending on where and how they will be displayed.

Taking a more in-depth look at various winter planter ideas is a fun and imaginative way to ensure that homes look festive and cheerful throughout the winter season.

How to Plant a Holiday Container

Themed Christmas thriller-filler-spiller displays are an ideal way to add color and vibrancy to holiday décor. In the creation of floral arrangements, “thriller” elements relate to high-interest focal points consisting of plants, plant parts, or manmade art pieces. During the winter season, holiday containers commonly include plants such as large, evergreen branches or decorative items that offer dramatic height or that may be brightly colored.

Winter planter ideas will also need plants which are referred to as “fillers.” Filler plants are usually smaller and consist of blooms and foliage which easily fill in any gaps in the planter. Colorful foliage and natural materials, like pinecones, are simple to collect and use. When creating holiday containers, many may opt to use more interesting pieces like small ornaments as well.

Last, but not least, any good holiday thriller-filler-spiller arrangement will need plants or materials which will cascade from the container in order to create a dynamic sense of movement. “Spillers” serve as a key component in tying the entire arrangement together into one cohesive piece. For this reason, many choose to make use of evergreen branches or decorative elements like ribbons or holiday garlands.

Regardless of design, the creation of winter thriller-filler-spiller arrangements is sure to make a lasting impression on friends, family, and other houseguests. With creativity and a few simple elements, even novice flower arrangers can create stunning holiday décor.

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