Plants That Don't Attract Japanese Beetles - Japanese Beetle Resistant Plants

Japanese Beetle On A Plant Leaf
japanese beetle
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If you own one of the plants Japanese beetles attack, you know how frustrating this insect can be. It is devastating if you own plants Japanese beetles attack to watch the beloved plants devoured in a matter of days by these hungry and creepy bugs. While eliminating Japanese beetles can be challenging, one of the things you can do is to grow plants that deter Japanese beetles or plants that don't attract Japanese beetles. Either of these options will allow you to have a garden that will not become an annual smorgasbord for Japanese beetles.

Plants That Deter Japanese Beetles

While it may seem amazing, there are actually plants Japanese beetles avoid. The typical kind of plant that will help to drive away Japanese beetles will be strong smelling and may taste bad to the insect. Some plants that deter Japanese beetles are:

Growing plants Japanese beetles avoid around plants that they like can help to keep Japanese beetles away from your beloved plants.

Plants That Don't Attract Japanese Beetles

Another option is to grow Japanese beetle resistant plants. These are plants that simply don't interest Japanese beetles that much. Be warned though, even plants that don't attract Japanese beetles can occasionally suffer from minor Japanese beetle damage. The nice thing about these plants though is that the Japanese beetles will quickly lose interest in them as they are not as tasty to them as some other plants are. Japanese beetle resistant plants include:

Japanese beetles can be frustrating, but they do not have to ruin a garden. Careful planting of plants that deter Japanese beetles or plants that don't attract Japanese beetles can help you to have a more beetle free yard. Replacing plants Japanese beetles attack with plants Japanese beetles avoid will make life much easier for you and your garden.

Heather Rhoades
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