A Garden Room Full Of Potted Plants And Flowers
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The best location for plants is a garden room or solarium. These rooms offer the most light in the whole house. If you use it as a green living room and heat it in the winter, you can grow all warmth-loving plants. If you don't heat it, you can use it as a nice frost-free glass shelter for Mediterranean species. It would also be a perfect place to overwinter plants. If you have a balcony or patio it's also a wonderful place to put your plants during nice weather. They will get natural light throughout the day and normal cool down temperatures at night. When winter comes you can bring them in and line them up against the patio door.

Plants for Garden Rooms & Patios

Patios sheltered at the side and roofed balconies are a good place for wind-sensitive plants. These include:

In south, east, or west-facing windows, and in garden rooms you end up with a lot of sunlight throughout the day. Some of the best plants for this situation would be:

Plants from the virgin forests of the tropics and subtropics enjoy partly shady, warm, and humid locations. This type of atmosphere reminds them of the rainforests. Plants that enjoy this atmosphere include:

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