Zone 6 Native Plants – Growing Native Plants In USDA Zone 6

zone 6 native
zone 6 native
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It’s a good idea to include native plants in your landscape. Why? Well, because native plants are already acclimated to conditions in your area and, therefore, require much less maintenance, plus they feed and shelter local wildlife, birds, and butterflies. 

Not every plant native to the United States is native to a particular zone. Take zone 6, for instance. What hardy native plants are suited for USDA zone 6? Read on to find out about zone 6 native plants.

Growing Hardy Native Plants for Zone 6

The selection of zone 6 native plants is quite diverse, with everything from bushes and trees to annuals and perennials. Incorporating a variety of these into your garden fosters the ecosystem and local wildlife and creates biodiversity in the landscape. 

Since these native plants have spent centuries adapting to local conditions, they require less water, fertilizer, spraying, or mulching than those that are not indigenous to the area. They have, over time, become accustomed to many diseases as well.

Native Plants in USDA Zone 6

This is a partial listing of plants suited for USDA zone 6. Your local extension office will also be able to assist you in choosing those that are suited for your landscape. Before you purchase plants, be sure to ascertain light exposure, soil type, the size of the mature plant, and the purpose of the plant for a selected site. The following lists are sectioned off into sun lovers, partial sun, and shade lovers. Sun worshippers include:

Native plants for USDA zone 6 that thrive in partial sun include:

Shade dwellers native to USDA zone 6 include:

Looking for native trees? Look into:

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